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Will You Progress?


Do You Hear Me Now?

Do you like privacy?

With 5G Say Goodbye To It. While they are many benefits you should understand the negatives that come along... And some are not so great! Read More On 5G and Privacy

image covid 19

What An Embarrassment

Covid-19 Pandemic

Wear a mask, dont wear a mask, some police will enforce mandates some wont. Quarantine 14 days or 10 days who knows, the Pandemic truly shows how incompetent our government is. Read More On The Pandemic

image of 1 percent

Great parties, I'm Never Invited...

The 1% Isn't Evil

Powerful family names with beautiful cars, mansions in exclusive communities and hidden agendas. Look carefully and you'll see what they don't want you to. Read More On The 1%

image of ubi

Intro To Dependency

Is UBI A Bad Idea?

Universal Basic Income, no thanks. Maybe just for the non-essentials? Its the pathway to the 'Great Divide'. Read More On Universal Basic Income

edu no good in america image

Preparing Factory Workers!

America's Outdated Edu

The USA is doing a great job educating the same way they did in the early 1900's. Anyone else see a problem here? Besides falling behind 2nd and 3rd world countries in EDU... Read More On The Outdated Education System of America