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" Just Like The Lotus, We Are Deep In Our Mud. Constant Self-healing is Needed to Reach Englightenment "
- Jase Nibiru -

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The New World Begins With Progress

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Whats the deal with the unmanaged pandemic? Global warming? An increasing gap between the rich and the poor, a broken education system, tech monopolies, and governments more worried about social media than governing, just a few topics from the blog, make sure you join the discussion.

image of a Rolls Royce from the 1 Percent


Even as far back as the historic record, documents show higher society has always played by its own rules and created favorable laws and taxation...

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image of man wearing mask during Covid-19 Pandemic


March 2020 the WHO (World Health Organization) calls Covid-19 a pandemic. Months earlier doctors from Wuhan China, exposed the outbreak origin, but actions in the US seemed to be non-existant...

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Blog post image for UBI


The idea of Universal Basic Income always sounds great. But as you begin to understand what comes with UBI and the way it transforms society it will be good for few and bad for many.

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